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More snow fell throughout the night last night and was still coming down when I woke early this morning. I immediately checked our local t.v. website for cancellations and sure enough…our school cancelled classes for today. I enjoyed a cup of coffee, did a few things in my office, and then did something I normally don’t do…I WENT BACK TO BED! I knew today would be our long-awaited and anticipated PAJAMA DAY!

“Pajama Day” is a day we have made in our home that every now and then, we stay in our pajamas the whole day…or for most of it any way. Zach would like pajama day to be every day, and any chance he gets, he’ll stay in his p.j.’s all day! He loves it! I tend to not get as much done (which I’ve had to learn to be ok with), and we tend to be a little more relaxed around here on Pajama Days. I’ll still do some work in my office, probably do some laundry, and I still need to get my workout in yet today. We’ll play a few games, watch a movie and maybe even play some on the Wii. I’m looking forward to a more relaxed day, and probably need it more than I realize!

I am continually being reminded that our children are growing up so very fast. My Pajama Days with them, I realize sadly, are numbered! A little over three years, and Ali will graduating from high school! Time is flying before my eyes and I want to capture as many moments and make as many memories with both of them as I can. I am blessed and very thankful to have two wonderful, gifted, loving, beautiful on the inside and out, amazing children. I plan to cherish this Pajama Day!
Happy Pajama Day from my office, in my p.j.’s and slippers, with my coffee!
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