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by | Mar 18, 2014 | Marriage

I love life-altering truths.

I gleaned one from my BSF Leader almost a month ago. It has to do with marriage, but actually, it could be applied to any relationship: mother-child, son-parents, friend-friend, co-worker-boss, etc.

“My part in my marriage is to help my husband bring out the glory of God in the world.”

In other words,glorify god edited

“I am to help my husband glorify God.”

Or in other words,

“I am to help each person in my life glorify God.”

What if we, who love God and attempt to glorify Him in our personal lives, would embrace this attitude in every relationship? Wouldn’t our families, jobs, neighborhoods, world be different??!!

Ever been irritated at your spouse’s behavior? Or at a friend’s or co-worker’s? I wish I could say I haven’t. But since hearing the truth above, and applying it to my relationships–especially my marriage–I have become a whole lot less irritated, and a whole lot more loving. (Smile.)

My first thought used to be, “Seriously? Why is he/she acting like this?”

Now it has become, “I’m going to help him/her glorify God through this.”

Big difference!

If a friend treats me with disrespect, I have two choices. I can either respond with similar disrespect, or I can respond with love, which could potentially soften her heart, helping her to glorify God in our relationship.

If my child doesn’t follow through with what he says he’ll do, I can respond in frustration, or I can respond in love. Which one would help him more? If he continues to not be a man of his word, appropriate consequences (in love) could help him glorify God in his responsibilities. If I didn’t address his behavior, that could potentially do him more harm in the future, and more importantly, keep his behavior from glorifying God.

But please, I’m certainly not saying we are to be like doormats, to be walked over and just accept whatever treatment we receive. Absolutely not. We need to discern how to handle situations appropriately. Sometimes helping another glorify God means doing what’s ultimately best for him or her, even if at the time it may be unpleasant. If helping the other glorify God is our motive, and we seek God regarding our relationships, He’ll no doubt show us how to handle each situation.

We can also apply this in helping each person in our lives become all they can be. Encourage them to use their God-given talents. Encourage them in their dreams, their goals, their passions. (That’s one reason I’m going on RAGBRAI this year… to encourage my husband in his passion.) Support them through challenges. Help them to see who they are in God’s eyes. Be their “lift in their step.”

This truth is making a difference in my life! See for yourself what a change it makes in yours. Reply below, when you do… I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Doris Swift

    So true Julie! What a refreshing and beautiful new way to relate, encourage, and help others in our lives glorify God.

    • Julie

      Hi Doris! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love how God speaks to us in ways we “get it.” I’m so grateful we’ve met through COMPEL! Hugs to you today!


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