Our First "Snow Day!"

by | Dec 8, 2009 | family

With the impending snow that is forecasted for this area, and because of the inch or so that has fallen already this morning, school has been cancelled for today! Ali and Zach already had yesterday off because of a school in-service day, so today will make a four-day weekend for us! It’s likely we won’t have school tomorrow either if we get the 8-12 inches of snow that is predicted…I guess we’ll see!

I just scrolled through my posts on my blog from last year and saw that our first “snow day” was Tuesday, December 9! It’s funny it was almost a year to the day! We had freezing rain that day…I’ll take snow anyday over freezing rain!

The kids and I are going to Mission of Hope today…I’m so looking forward to sharing the day with them. Zach is indifferent in going, and Ali would rather stay home today…but I’m sure once we are there (at least I’m hoping so), that Ali’s attitude will change. 🙂 It always feels so good to help others and to give to others!

I’m thankful Bill has already put up our snow fence in our front yard to help keep our driveway clearer this year! I am also thankful that I have heat in my car again…for the last week or so it was blowing out cool air even though I had it set on the warmest setting! Bill took most of his Sunday to work on the car, outside in the cold, to fix it! In doing so, he went without sleep for about 36 hours! I am so thankful he can do that type of stuff! My dad would be so proud, as he was a mechanic all of his life! Yesterday, a smile came across my face when I felt heat on my feet again as I was driving to my BSF leaders’ meeting. 🙂 Thanks Bill for all you do…you’re pretty amazing!

So, off we go on our snow day to the Mission, in our warm car, and will hopefully be able to return home and find a clear driveway later today! 🙂
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