Not Letting Anyone Rob My Joy

by | Dec 4, 2013 | journey, joy, me

There has been much of my joy robbed from my life in the last month. Circumstances beyond my control and the behavior of others started this joy-robbing vacuum. And I allowed my joy to be taken.

I put an end to that today.

At the end of my work day, something switched inside of me. Something began to well up and change my attitude. I came home and told Bill, “I am no longer letting anyone rob me of my joy.” I began to get a little fired up and upset that I let a month of my life go by with my joy being so suppressed.

I am done.

God wants us to be filled with joy. Much of His Word talks about joy, and being filled with joy. Joy is not necessarily happiness. I can still be joyful, even if I’m not “happy.” There is a difference. I believe true, deep, lasting joy comes from God.

I also believe God wants to live our lives to the fullest…His fullest. I haven’t been doing that. I’ve let other things affect me. I made a decision at the beginning of summer to live our summer to it’s fullest. And I did that. I guess you could say I made a similar decision today…for the month of December and for the rest of my life.

I am once again excited tonight. Excited that joy is welling up inside me once again.

What about you? Are you letting things, circumstances, people rob you of your joy? Are you allowing your joy to be taken? I pray if that’s the case, that joy would begin to well up inside of you, and you’ll put your foot down like I did today, not allowing anyone rob you of your joy any longer.

Our life here on earth is too short to not live our lives filled with joy. Would you join me in this joy-filled journey?

God bless you, friend!

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