Joyous Day

What a joyous day it has been at our home today!I was reminded throughout the day just how much I have to be thankful for. I’m so grateful for so much.It’s ten days until Christmas. I’m not ready yet, but I plan to be ready by the end of tomorrow....

Not Letting Anyone Rob My Joy

There has been much of my joy robbed from my life in the last month. Circumstances beyond my control and the behavior of others started this joy-robbing vacuum. And I allowed my joy to be taken.I put an end to that today.At the end of my work day, something switched...

Encouragement at a Dance Recital

What a beautiful day it was today!I started the day at the Marriott this morning. I spent a personal retreat night there last night. Oh, how I wish I could have extended it another night, but other commitments took precedence. I spent time praying, reading God’s...

Done!…and More Snow

For the last three nights I’ve been busy in my office working on my taxes for my Mary Kay business, and I’m happy to say, I AM DONE!I have to confess that I didn’t keep up very well in my monthly bookkeeping, hence the reason why it took me three...

Simple Joy #7

Perfect for a Saturday…from the Little Box of Simple Joys…Simple Joy #7″Go to a playground–not to sit and watch others, but to enjoy the swing, the slide, and the monkey bars yourself!”

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