Last evening’s walk would have only been more perfect if you could have joined me.

gravel road walk editedIt was a beautiful evening. I would have welcomed your company, and would have delighted in pointing out the highlights of what I normally get to experience out there on our gravel road.

The sun. The long, late-day shadows. The blue sky scattered with wispy clouds. The cornfield-lined road. The familiar train whistle in the distance. And, the occasional passing car spinning up dust from its tires.

(The dust I could happily do without.)

sky corn editedI can almost guess what would have filled our conversation as we walked and talked and shared about life. We would have had plenty to catch up on over two miles. It would have been great, wouldn’t it have??

But last night it was just God and me out there.

gravel road sunset editedI thanked Him for the beauty He allowed me to behold. My, it was amazing! I conversed with Him about my day, my family, my hopes, my dreams, my future. I also asked Him what you and I needed to read today for our Woman to Woman Wednesday segment.

“Father God, do we need to be reminded of your love? Your grace? Your very real presence in our lives?”

“Do we need to read of your approval of us, your daughters? Do we need to remember how special each one of us is?”

“Or maybe, you want to encourage us to keep doing what we’re doing?”

I listened with my heart while I walked.

Beginning to wonder if He heard me, I recalled yesterday’s post, and was quickly reminded God most certainly hears us. Approaching our driveway, I lifted my eyes again to the west. Vibrant oranges, golds, pinks, and purples began to appear across the horizon as the sun set. The scene stopped me in my tracks.

“Be still,” filled my heart. “Be still.”

And so I was.

Psalm 46 10Through the sunset (pictured above), God answered me.

Someone today needs to be reminded to “be still.” One translation says, “Let go of your concerns.” Another says, “Cease striving.” I think that someone might be me. Could this be for you too?

The most important thing you and I can do today is to “be still” in God’s presence. To stop. To shut off the world. To pause, listen with our heart, and rest in Him.

The demands of our day will pull us in the opposite direction. The rhythm of life beats against the rhythm of lingering with God. It’s sometimes a battle to be still. But friend, don’t give in. Be still, anyway. Time alone with God gives us what we need for every moment of every day. It renews us, refreshes us, revives us.

I imagine we would have stood there in awe, being still and soaking in the view together. It would have been incredible sharing it with you.

The above photo will have to do for now.

I’m lifting you in prayer today, dear sister, and am being still with you.

Sending hugs your way,



(Wednesdays are our days to encourage one another, woman to woman. I’d love to read your thoughts below as you encourage other women here. I sure appreciate you stopping by today! God bless you!)


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