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by | Dec 21, 2008 | music, This Lefe Family

Ali’s high school just completed their multi-million dollar concert hall this month, and Ali was able to be a part of the experience of being the first group of students to perform in it! It is probably the most beautiful facility I’ve ever stepped foot in. The school, students, faculty, and community are certainly blessed to have such an amazing facility! Below are a couple of pictures and a video of their Holiday Concert last week. To no surprise, I was moved to tears many times with the music and the surroundings.

The high school bands and choirs were combined on one song which was a medley. Part of the medley was the song “O Come Let Us Adore Him” (which is one of my favorites). They asked the audience to stand and sing along in the second verse. It was very moving to experience all of us singing about our Lord in a public school!! I had goosebumps!!!

These pictures don’t do the evening justice. I tried to upload a video of one of the songs, but it was too big of a file to fit! I will remember this concert forever!!

Ali playing her flute during the concert.

Ali is in the center of the picture in the women’s choir portion of the concert.

Combined choirs

Combined band and choir

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