It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

by | Dec 21, 2008 | Christmas, family, winter

Our family has really enjoyed this Christmas season so far. It’s hard to believe Christmas is just four days away, and that it is the first official day of Winter! It seems we’ve had plenty of winter already here!

Friday was our 2nd snow day with school being cancelled. We finished wrapping presents, finished sending out our Christmas cards, and made our Gingerbread House! Ali wasn’t able to finish the house with us, so only Zach got his picture taken our creation. It was fun, and some great memories were made making it!

Then yesterday, the snow came again, and then the wind in the afternoon. Zach and I were helping at Mission of Hope yesterday, and got a call from Bill telling me we might want to get home soon. We were (and are) in a blizzard warning until 6pm today…the wind is crazy out there now, and the windchill is somewhere around -35 degrees below zero! I was glad when we finally made it home yesterday! We haven’t left since!

Last evening we made fleece “tie” blankets with fleece. It was fun spreading out those big sheets of fleece, cutting strips on the ends around the sheets, then tieing both of the sheets together. We’ve made these before, so we knew what we were doing this time around. We made one for Ali and one for Zach and a couple more to give away as gifts. It was a perfect thing to do on such a cold night!
Since we’re homebound today, we’re going to do some more Christmas baking this afternoon…my favorites…which are Star Cookies (cookies with the chocolate stars in the middle of them). Our plan is to put in a Christmas movie tonight, snuggle under our new blankets, munch on popcorn and enjoy each other’s company.
I love this time of year! It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, and I will soak up every moment of it that I can!

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