My Maryland Adventure Update

by | Sep 13, 2015 | personal journey

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Maryland.

And life is good.

I flew in Wednesday with the sole purpose to help my friend Patty and her family. She somehow contracted a flesh eating bacteria a few weeks ago and spent many days in the hospital. She left the hospital with part of her thumb missing, and weary in the healing process.

Most of us could never fathom such a thing. Even as I’m here, I can’t. Really. That’s something you’d hear about in a scary movie or read in a sci-fi book. Not something that happens to your friend who’s a beautiful woman, inside and out. Not to the devoted mother and wife who lives her life for the Lord. Not to the woman who helps, gives to, prays for, blesses, and loves others.

As I’ve immersed myself in Patty’s beautiful world and in her family’s life, I couldn’t feel more welcomed. I’ve watched God’s goodness and love for her (and them) appear every single day in a variety of ways. And I’m humbled. Humbled to be a part of what God’s doing here.

When I arrived, Patty was in much pain. Let me tell you, it’s heart-wrenching watching your friend writhe in pain, and you can’t do one single thing to take it away. But Friday, she turned a corner. Pain subsided, a sparkle reappeared in her eyes, and the Patty I’ve known for years returned. Hallelujah!

And she’s gotten stronger every day. She still has a journey ahead of her, but it’s evident she’s not alone on it.

Last evening we met up with Sheila, another one of our high school classmates who lives in the area for dinner in Annapolis. Oh, the smiles, the laughs, the stories! Those few hours together were just what my heart needed. And probably what Patty’s heart needed, too. We’re going to Sheila’s home tonight. Looking forward to seeing her husband Jimmey, and to more laughter to the point of tears!


This morning we attended their church together. What a beautiful place of worship. The message, the music, the people… no wonder God has Patty and her family there.

I fly home Tuesday. Yes, it’s always good to return home. But until then, I will soak in all God has for me, and for Patty and her family while I’m in Maryland.

Thank you for your thoughts, your prayers, and for journeying alongside of me. I’m thanking God for much today, including you!

Much love,

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  1. Sabra Penley

    What a beautiful blessing–for Patty and for you! So thankful for God giving you this opportunity. Praising Him that Patty is doing better. Praying for her full healing. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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