My Husband…Then & Now

by | Aug 16, 2012 | Bill, family

I am so, so proud of Bill.
Since the first part of January of this year, he has made a commitment to his health, to himself, to his family and to me. As we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last week, the greatest gift he could have given me was the gift of adding a few more years of “growing old with me.” And he did.
He has lost around 110 pounds. I find that completely amazing! I respect him so much for doing what he’s needed to do to be healthy again. I am in awe of the man he is, and I’m thankful he’s mine. 🙂
Here is a picture of him on our family vacation this year vs. one from our family vacation last year. Incredible.
Bill, you are my “love of a lifetime.” I thank God for you, for the man you are, and for being an example for all who know you, especially to our family. You are one handsome man, on the inside and out, and I’m glad you are mine! 🙂 I love you incredibly!

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