Class Reunion Part 2

by | Aug 16, 2012 | friends, relationships, summer

I keep thinking about our class reunion last weekend and how much fun we had.

It was so refreshing to catch up with everyone. It didn’t matter what we were like growing up…a “jock,” a “nerd,” “popular,” “unpopular,” “smart,” or “not-so-smart.” None of that mattered. Conversations among each other happened that never would have 25+ years ago. I loved that! Real, authentic conversations about life!

I enjoyed hearing life from each of my friends’ perspective. Each one was a little different. God has taken us down different paths, yet we still have the common bond of years together in school. Some of us have kids that are grown, and some of us have kids that are still in the single digits in age. Some lives seemed a little complicated, and some so simple.

One of us impacted most of us. I hadn’t seen him since the day we graduated. After hearing what I do at Mission of Hope, he asked me if I had ever seen him at the Mission. I said I hadn’t and asked if he came in often. He said he did, but said he has never seen me there. I told him next time he comes in to ask for me. I look forward to that day. I look forward to getting connected with him again, and to speak life and encouragement into his life.

It was like pieces of a puzzle coming together for me about this classmate of mine. Images of our childhood together keep coming to my mind and I can’t seem to push them out. I am reminded that his childhood wasn’t like most of ours. Mine was like a Mayberry-type of life growing up. His was not…and was very, very far from that. How did adults not notice this? How did he fall through the “cracks?” A lump forms in my throat each time I’ve pondered on it since Saturday. I pray he comes in the Mission soon and I pray I’m there when he does. I know it’s no accident our paths have crossed once again. If the only reason God has me at Mission of Hope is for this classmate’s sake, then I’m ready for this fulfillment of my calling!

Our class has a bond that is pretty special. And actually I see a similar bond in most classes from our high school. We graduated with 27 in our class, so we had a little over 100 of us in our high school. That’s unheard of today. But it’s true…we have kept in touch with so many others in other graduating classes. It was something pretty cool…and still is!┬áWhen I joined Tina’s class for their 26th reunion a couple of weeks ago, I felt like I was a part of their class as well! ­čÖé

I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone from here on out…especially through facebook. That’s been a great way to stay attached to each other! We’ve agreed that the next time when one of us who lives far away comes “home,” we are going to call everyone together. I look forward to that!

May God bless each one of my classmates! The memories we shared growing up are priceless, and the new ones we are making together are even more special!!

Class of 1987, I love you all!

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