My Desk in a Box

by | Mar 4, 2011 | just for fun, me

Years ago I learned a valuable tip from Mary Kay Ash.  It’s one I have used many times, but not recently…until today.

I had had it this morning.  I came down to my office right away to begin writing a sermon for our worship service at Mission of Hope this Sunday.  I sat at my desk, in front of my computer, and began to feel paralyzed.  I looked around my computer and no wonder I was paralyzed!  I had all sorts of stuff on my desk…stuff I didn’t need.  I haven’t had much time in my office lately to organize and keep things in their place.  I’ve seemed to have enough time to set things down and move on from there though, which had my desk looking a mess!

I grabbed on one of my Mary Kay product boxes and began to toss everything on my desk that I didn’t need into the box.  In a matter of seconds, my desk was clean!  Now I know to some, that act would have driven them crazy and that is something they wouldn’t be able to do.  But not me…I had no problem with it! 🙂  I got to work right after that, and since the clutter was gone, I was free to get creative and allow God to work through me!

Now, if I’m missing something, I know it’s in the box.  If I don’t get in that box in the next three months, I didn’t need what was in there anyway.  Wasn’t Mary Kay Ash so smart!?  🙂

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