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by | Jan 31, 2014 | personal journey

January 2014 is closing down quickly, isn’t it?

I got to thinking today… some may think I’m “super-spiritual.” Some may call me a “Jesus Freak.” Some people probably think–or even say–that I talk about or write about God and Jesus too much.

Yes, I do talk and write about Them and what They are doing in my life a lot. God has gotten me through some really tough times. He’s been behind some amazing things in my life. He’s proven to me that He’s the only One I can count on… and He’ll never leave me. It just comes naturally to talk about Him… just like it’s natural for me to talk about my husband or children. He’s that much a part of my life.

But back to my subject… I took some time today to reflect on this first month of 2014. I’d like to share some excitement with you… I am filled with such joy and peace! I cannot remember a more “renewing” month in my life. I have spent much time with God in His Word, and I’ve spent some dedicated time thinking, praying, and allowing God to heal my heart.

If you’ve read some of my posts in the last month, you probably understand that God recently called me out of the ministry work that I was involved in for many years. I haven’t said much about it publicly, and only those close to me really know what happened, as many of them experienced it right along with me.

The last two months there were incredibly challenging and hurtful. God made it very clear to me that I was to follow Him and “get out.” In these last 30 days, God has shown me He called me out to protect me, to grow me, and to refresh me.

You know, I believe God allows things to happen in our lives for a specific reason (or reasons), or for a specific purpose. Oftentimes we don’t understand when we’re in the middle of it all. But I believe God allowed this challenging experience for a number of reasons. One of them is for me to be back home. Instead of ministering to the homeless and those in need, I’m back ministering to my family. What a blessing this has been for us all!

Another reason I believe God allowed this to happen is to be awakened to a new ministry opportunity He has for me that’s been right in front of my eyes for years… this blog and my writing.

And another reason… I believe He’s going to use what I went through for me to help others who may go (or are going) through similar experiences in ministry or a career.

Can I tell you how excited I am about all of this and about my life?!!! (I’m pretty excited!) I have come to the point of thanking God every day for moving me out of where I was, and moving me to this quiet oasis with Him. I am moving on, and my eyes are looking up ahead of me. God has great plans for my life, and I eagerly await to take the next step, then the next… and watch them unfold in front of me.

And yes…I will still be sharing about my God and His Son, Jesus in the process. 🙂

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey!

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  1. Meredith

    I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles of recent, but so happy to hear you are seeing your way through them with the Lord’s help. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Hugs from another Sister in Christ.


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