Loving My Family (with a crazy schedule)!

by | May 26, 2012 | family, God's blessings

Purchasing Ali a vehicle, soccer sub-state games, Ali’s last day of school, Ali’s birthday, a busy week at work, laundry piled up, Zach’s spring choir concert, grocery shopping, graduation dress shopping, giving Zach experience behind the wheel…a glimpse of our week this week–Tuesday through today. Whew…I’m wiped out tonight.

We haven’t been home this week any evening before 10pm…except tonight (we arrived home at 8:30). I can’t keep this schedule up, and thankfully I won’t have to forever. 🙂

All because I love my family. I do what I do for them. And all because that’s what God asks me to do…to love my family and serve them with my best.

I’ll be posting pictures later on over the weekend…I’ll have lots to share!

Loving my family is just part of loving God and loving others. I’m so thankful that I have them, and I’m so thankful I get to do what I do for them! 🙂

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