I don’t know what I’d do without them.


God has richly blessed me with some amazing, real, fill-my-heart-with-joy kind of friends.

“I have learned that to have a good friend is the purest of all God’s gifts, for it is a love that has no exchange of payment.” – Frances Farmer

I would be remiss if I didn’t devote at least one day (Day 29!) of this 31 Days of Loving God & Loving Others to the love found in friendships.

A friend loves at all times. -Proverbs 17:17

Yes, they do.

I believe the friends God places is our lives are tangible ways He shows us love.

I have seen how He has placed them for specific times at specific points in my life, and I’ve seen how He seems pour out His love to me through my friends. Time and time again.

I couldn’t be more thankful for them today.

“It occurred to me very early in life that my friends were an invaluable expression of God’s love. They were there for my first broken heart…the loss of my favorite pet…and the disappointment of having no date for the prom. I discovered how much I needed them–and I knew that the hugs, smiles, understanding, and support were all part of His care.” – Anonymous

I was telling someone just the other day of how I have met such amazing people through the blog and writing world, just within the last nine months. They continually encourage me, lift me up, inspire me, prompt me, and love me. And the cool things is… I haven’t met a one of them in person. Not one.

I find that nothing short of amazing.

The love of a friend.

As we continue on this journey of loving others, what are some tangible ways we can love our friends?.Any ideas? I’d love to read them. Would you share them below?

Sending texts to encourage, or a card in the mail. Make a phone call to catch up on each other’s lives. Let them know you believe in them and their dreams. And pray. We can pray for our friends. That’s one of the most important things we can do.

“It is easier to believe in yourself when you have a friend beside you saying, ‘I believe in you, too.’” -Anonymous

“A friend believes in your dreams and cheers the loudest when they come true.” -Anonymous

Let’s each find some way to let our dear friends know how much they mean to us today. And show them love.

Thank God for the gifts He’s given you in them!

Blessings, dear friends! You mean the world to me!


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31 Days of Loving God and Loving Others

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