Here’s A Reminder: It’s A Great Day To Be Living Fully

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Love Others, personal journey

I have a confession.

Lately I haven’t been living fully.

I’ve been wrapped up in thoughts like

“I am so far behind.”

“I can’t keep up.”

“There’s so much on my plate right now.”

I don’t know about you, but when thoughts like these fill my mind, I tend to get paralyzed. Instead of being thankful, I become overwhelmed. And, friend, I don’t like it. When this happens I might as well curl up in a ball in the corner of the room. I’m no good to anyone, including myself.

Often when this happens I just put on a happy face and call it good. I hide from the rest of the world what’s truly going on inside. But, not today.

Only when we bring to light what’s hidden can it be healed.

So, here I am, ready for an infusion of hope, of encouragement, and of life. Ready for a perspective change and a fresh start. And I’m sharing it with you just in case you’re in a similar spot.

I stopped over to my friend, Suzie’s blog early this morning, and the words she shared today, I guess you could say, inspired me to see my life through different eyes. She reminded me life is fragile, and it would do well for me not to take one person or one day for granted. Even in the midst of busy. Even as this adventure of life causes me to hang on some days by my fingernails.

Today I’ve decided I’m living fully.

today-im-loving-fullyAnd I invite you to join me. What if we, just for today, decided that no matter what happens…

We will remain thankful.

We will look at life as a gift. (What a gift it is!)

We will be kind to those we care about.

We will be quick to forgive, and believe the best in others. (Yes!)

We will live out the dreams that are buried in our hearts.

We will live fully, all out, and with not regrets.

And, what if our actions and attitudes caused another to do the same?

A thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I came to give life—life in all its fullness. John 10:10 NCV

I invite you to link arms with me as we continue to journey on this path of life together, living the full live Jesus came to give us, not only here but for eternity.

Thanks for stopping over today. I appreciate you, friend. I’m cheering you on.





Linking my post with Suzie Eller for #livefreeThursday!

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  1. DoAheadWoman

    Good morning friend! I think this topic of living fully resonated for many of us. Life is so BUSY! You are right…it’s a thief that tries to steal the fullness of it. Praying you get caught up, feel less overwhelmed and overall have a really terrific day! (Your neighbor over at #livefree!)

  2. Suzie Eller

    I love this, Julie. From the outside looking in it seems your life is so full, and that you are living it fully. May this battle be temporary and your victory immense! Thank you for sharing such honest words today.

  3. ordinarilyextraordinarymom

    You read my thoughts. I feel EXACTLY like this right now. On the surface, I scream stop resting and relaxing and start tying some of these loose ends. Yet, much deeper, I know as you said I will continue on the journey God has set before me, accept that I can only do what I can do, live in the moment, and take time to rest when needed.


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