A lively conversation ensued with my friends the other day at lunch. The subject? How social media can falsely portray a flawless life. It may be just our perceptions or our inclinations that cause us to believe the lives of others are better–and more perfect–than our own. But, no matter the source or reason, comparing our lives to others, especially through the filter of social media, can sow seeds of discouragement, discontentment, and hopelessness in our hearts.

Lives look flawless

Allow me to pump the brakes right here.

I think of my own social media posts (I tend to share and post a lot!). Friend, if my posts ever, ever hint that anything in my life is flawless or perfect, allow me to dispel that untruth right now.

Nothing in my life is so.

Okay, wait. There’s one thing. Jesus. He’s flawless and perfect. But, other than Him, I got nothing.

My life is far from flawless.

I post on social media what’s dear to me… my husband, my children, and my granddog, Freddie, my friends, my family. I share often of our adventures, of our rare times when we’re all together, and instances of where I see God in my life. Yes, all these are amazing, but none is flawless. (Okay, yes, God is.) But, not my marriage, my children, my family, nor my life.

Nor me.

If you only knew of the terrible mistakes I’ve made. The mess-ups I’ve caused. The bad choices I’ve chosen over the years. If you knew of the awful thoughts I’ve thought and the not-so-nice words I may or may not have said. Well, then you would certainly see for yourself I am terribly flawed. (Thank you, God, for your grace and mercy on my poor, wretched soul!)

None of us is perfect.

Even if it appears to be so. We’re each just attempting to find our way. Some of us are doing our best at following Jesus. Some of us are overcoming obstacles, moving past detours, living on a prayer. But, not one of us is doing it perfectly.

So, the next time we find ourselves scrolling through our feeds and the temptation to compare presents itself, let’s react differently. Instead of getting discouraged at how perfect someone else’s life appears when ours is not, or how flawless someone seems when we aren’t, let’s remember something. Let’s remember he or she is living an imperfect life, too.

She may be celebrating a win that’s secretly monumental. She may be dealing with something we are not aware of. Let’s cheer for her, appreciate her, love her. Even through her posts. And, you know? Someone else may be doing just that for you and me.

God loves each of us the same. There’s nothing to compare.


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