Letting Go & Letting God

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Love God, personal journey

Do you ever forget? Do you find yourself needing to be reminded every now and then?

I do. I’m glad I received this reminder through my devotional this morning:

Living dependent on God is a glorious adventure.

For years I planned out my life, day by day. My daily to-do list was long. I lived to cross things off that list. I did what “successful people” did. I crunched numbers. I managed time. I woke up running each morning until the very moment I crawled back into bed at night. I was going to be “successful,” no matter what.

I didn’t leave much room for God to have his way. I WAS IN CONTROL, thank you very much.

Or at least I thought I was. But God had different plans for me.

I look back to those years, and I can see how God loved me enough to not leave me in that life. (Thank you, Jesus!)

I am thankful God pulled me out of that emptiness. I am thankful He shook me up enough to get my attention. I am thankful He took my focus off the things I used to strive for. I am thankful for this glorious adventure God and I are on together.

And what an adventure it is!

I prayed for you this morning too…

That you would find yourself on your own glorious adventure with God. I prayed that you would allow yourself to be completely dependent on Him, and to allow Him to be the One in control of your life.

It’s when He has control that the true adventure begins.

There’s freedom in letting go and letting God.

I wish I had this mastered. I wish I could honestly say, “I got this trusting God thing down.” But I don’t. I forget. I question. I think too logically at times. I walk by sight and not by faith, instead of the other way around, all too often.

And so I need reminders, like from my devotional this morning:

Acts 17 28

For you know the saying, “We live in God; we move in God; we exist in God.” – Acts 17:28a (The Voice)

When we intentionally live, move and exist in God, we aren’t living independently any longer. We’re in sync with the One Who created us. Our lives take on a whole new meaning. That’s what true “success” is, my friend. I had it all wrong for years. Letting go and letting God may not seem like success, but by God’s standards, it most certainly is.

May you and I let it all go today. May we intentionally live, move and exist in our Creator. May we experience true success, as we were designed to, as we continue on this glorious adventure with Him.

Lifting you in prayer today,



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  1. Sabra Penley

    What great encouragement to start my day, Julie! The Lord has been showing me this is a life of adventure on the journey with Him. It’s exciting, for sure. And sometimes even scary. But knowing God is aware of everything that will come along the path and will be with us to help us through every obstacle calms my frightened soul. Now…if I could just stay on His path and keep my focus on Him each and every step of the way!

    • Julie

      Yes, Sabra. I agree! Exciting and sometimes scary. I’m thankful He’s in control and I’m not! Thanks so much for stopping in, friend!


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