Let’s Be Honest With Each Other: How Are We Doing?

by | Mar 26, 2020 | #open2020, Real Life

Can we talk? Can we be real and honest with each other for a moment or two?

Let’s be honest: how are we doing?

Friend, how are you today with all that has to do with COVID-19? How is your family? What is getting you through these days? What has been helping you, and what has been the biggest challenge so far? Also, what are you looking forward to? Since we can’t be together in person, we can still be together in other ways, like this. Let’s take some time to be honest and open with each other. Because that’s what friends do.

I’ll go first. And I’ll do my best to be real and honest, without using the typical phrases “I’m fine,” or “I’m okay,” or “I’m good.” Because sometimes during the day I’m not any of these. Sometimes I’m quite the opposite.

Let's Be Honest With Each Other: How Are We Doing?

How am I?

Well, I’m a mixture of thoughts and emotions. Of fear and faith. Of peace and panic. All ebb and flow within me often. One minute I’m strong as a rock, the next, I’m a pile of mashed potatoes. I find it all depends on what I’m focused on. When I’m focused on the news and the pandemic’s spread, I’m the potatoes. I can get very fearful. But when my focus is on truth and the hope I have in Jesus, then I’m more like a rock. It’s then I’m faithful. It’s not uncommon, however, for me to need to revisit my morning devotions later in the day to keep my head on straight. Can I also just say, I wan’t this all to end??!!

How is my family?

I guess you could say we are thankful. We’re thankful I can be home during this time, and thankful Bill’s job continues to demand his presence and expertise. His job is unique, and no one else does what he does, so he still travels to his office every day. Since our kids no longer live with us, they seem to be managing from what we can tell. All are still working and doing this adulting thing with excellence. (Great job, Lefes!) Zoom calls and texts keep us together. I sure miss seeing them in person, and I pray we all stay healthy!

What is getting me through/what is helping me?

Like I mentioned above, my faith in Jesus is what’s getting me though. So is my husband. He’s a preparer, so he has taken care of everything we need or might need. Seriously! What He does to provide for me on RAGBRAI, I see him doing in an even greater extent during these circumstances. He’s also the one who settles me when my emotions begin the climb of Mount Everest. Keeping myself active is also helping with exercise, my added job responsibilities, and home projects. Plus, my writing. My writing is what’s keeping me sane. I’m here pouring out words on my computer every day, maybe more for me than anyone else. But, nonetheless, it’s been helping and healing, and it keeps me focused on what’s good.

What has been my biggest challenge?

To be honest, my biggest challenge is staying home. I love my home, don’t get me wrong. But, I’m one who likes to have places to go and people to see. So stopping all of that–without much warning–has been my biggest challenge. I haven’t left home for nine days. Nine!! I can’t even type that without a twinge of disbelief! It’s also, however, been an unexpected gift. To be able to rest. To slow my pace. And to focus on ways to connect with others through my home (writing, Zoom calls, phone calls, snail mail, email, text). Just because I’m home doesn’t mean I can’t still be with people in other creative ways. We don’t have to stop being social as we practice social distancing, right?

What am I looking forward to?

I believe it’s important to have something to look forward to.

Happiness is pretty simple: someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to.

Rita Mae Brown

The honest thing is, though, I’m not sure I want to say what I’m looking forward to, in case it doesn’t happen. I’m one who doesn’t like to be let down. Who does? We just don’t know how long this pandemic will last, nor how long we’ll be facing these conditions. You know what I mean? But, I’ll share anyway. First of all, I’m looking forward to the day all of this is behind us. Secondly, I’m looking forward to biking season and getting back on our tandem. Thirdly, I’m looking forward to planting my flowers and seeing green grass. And, fourth, I’m also looking forward to family dinners again and watching our granddog, Freddie, race through our house with excitement. Oh, and there’s this concert in June at Busch Stadium, and a family vacation in September. I pray we’re able to do these!

Now, it’s your turn, friend.

How are you? How is your family? What is getting you through/what is helping you? What has been the biggest challenge? And, what are you looking forward to? Share any and all you’d like to in the comments below. It would give me great joy to hear from you.

Friends can be honest with each other. We can be real with one another. Thank you for being real with me. Please take care of you and yours. I’m praying for you today.

Much love,

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  1. Cindy Unruh

    Thanks you your honesty. I call family and friends to have social time and we All feel the same. I’m a quilter and live alone. But I had a very social life. Quilt/sewing groups twice a week. Usually went to $5 matinee on Tuesdays. Once a week go see my mom and several times a week see my grandsweeties 5 and 2 for playtime and squishy hugs. We FaceTime but gosh, I really miss those squishy hugs. I was doing fine with the 2-4 wk staying home but when my quilt guild announced our April 27th cancelled and my small group decided not to meet til May 5 (hopefully) I got really down and rather weepy. Think you hit the nail on the head that we need something to look forward to. I have my morning devotion and Know I’m not alone, God is here and hears me. While I know we aren’t promised tomorrow, we do need something specific to look forward to. The more I hear the word “cancelled” the lower the spirits go. I think the next sunny day, I’m packing a lunch and going for a drive and little picnic. Change to view May lift my spirits and be good for the soul.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Oh, Cindy, I understand where you are coming from. Yes, that something to look forward to is important. Keep your eyes lifted. God is present with each one of us during this time. He’s using it for our growth and for His glory. We can trust Him in this, too. And, I love your idea about the next sunny day! Maybe that’ll be Monday around here?? I’m thinking I might do something similar… take a drive and pack a picnic. How good it would feel to sit in the sun, soaking up it’s goodness with fresh surroundings. Let’s stay in touch! So glad He has crossed our paths. I’m praying for you today!

  2. Deb

    Physically we are doing fine, but the under lying and unmentioned emotional toll can’t be expressed. I’m sure we are all Scared at what we can’t foresee and comprehend. I’m thankful for each new day the God brings me and I do what I can to help others and do my share. I pray for His peace and ask for guidance and protection

    • Julie Lefebure

      Deb, I’m glad you’re physically doing well, and yes, there’s that emotional piece that can still get the best of us. As the saying goes, and Pastor John mentioned it in his post yesterday, “We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we know Who holds tomorrow.” God holds us in the palm of His hand. We can cling to this truth today, tomorrow, forever. You’re using this time for good… to help others and to do what you can. God bless you for that! Great prayers your praying, too. I look forward to seeing you Monday night on Zoom. Let’s keep our eyes fixed on our Lord.

  3. Dixie Burg

    I tell myself I can handle this and I’m doing good so far. My kids are spread out so that makes it somewhat difficult to not worry. (Florida, Arkansas, Minneapolis, Maui and Swisher). Tom and Jodie have been bringing me my groceries etc which is much appreciated. I check on my neighbor daily as she has dementia and her children do not check on her. I was taking her for groceries till I was told to stay home by my children. Now the other next door neighbor is doing that.

    I’m staying busy, I start the day with two devotionals and a couple phone calls. Then it’s outside cleaning off flower beds and general yard work. If weather isn’t cooperating I do Spring house cleaning jobs. Would like to get paint to paint the upstairs dormer if I can talk Tom into picking it up for me. If I feel I’m getting low in spirit I read and hour for pleasure as I’m not a TV watcher.

    I’m looking forward to sunshine and being able to pick up and go when I get the urge.
    God is good.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Dixie! Yes, God is good! Amen to that! You are one who stays on the go. I love that about you! I thought of you the other day, thinking of the many things you are probably tackling at home and outside. I’m glad you’re staying home, though, and taking care of yourself! I understand the worry we moms carry for our kids. No matter how old they are, we will always be moms. I’m praying for our children through this, too. God has them in His care, just as He has us. I look forward to seeing you again soon. You are such a beautiful blessing to many, including me!

  4. Cindy Wilkins

    Thanks for sharing your heart Julie. I am better off than most during this time because I spend most of my time at home these days so social distancing hasn’t been too difficult for me. I’m disappointed to have to miss some get together with my other retired teacher gals and celebrating my kids’ birthdays (both born in March) but I was able to order cakes to be delivered so that made me feel like part of the celebration. My daughter is probably the most challenged of our family. She is four months pregnant, a CPA who is in the midst of tax season and working from home along with our two and four year old grandsons. To say she’s stressed is an understatement. I’ve been participating online with Faithfully Following Ministries in their verse by verse scripture study and that along with listening to a lot of praise music helps keep my focus closer to where it should be. I’m probably spending too much time on my iPad but texting and FB keep me feeling connected. (Along with FaceTiming the afore mentioned 2 and 4 year old) My biggest challenge is keeping my worrying nature under some sort of control. I have my spin out of control moments for sure! I’m looking forward to seeing the positive changes in our world as a result of going through this together, a Lauren Daigle concert with all the girls in our family, our beach vacation in June, and grocery shopping without worry. I truly appreciate all the encouragement you’re providing in this difficult time Julie! God is using you!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Cindy! I wasn’t aware of your daughter being pregnant during this time. I’m praying for her and your family today. Yes, those special moments with family is probably what I’m missing the most, but someday this will all be behind us and we’ll be all together again. I look forward to that day, and I’m sure you do, too! I love the things you’re looking forward to… how fun! And yes, even grocery shopping without worry! Thank you for always showing up here with your encouraging words. You are a gift! God bless you and yours, friend!


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