What I Learned This Week – November 15

by | Nov 15, 2014 | personal journey

Didn’t I just write last week’s edition of “What I Learned This Week” two days ago?What I learned

It sure feels that way.

The days speed past me, yet I’m doing all I can to appreciate each moment. Doing my best to keep an eternal perspective, and a positive attitude. Some days I do all of that well, some days not so much.

Am I the only one experiencing lighting-speed days??

As I recall my week over my coffee this morning, I’m in awe. And I’m thankful.

What I learned this week…

God makes things happen, even when I drag my feet.

It’s been on my heart to begin a Bible study with some of my “homeless friends.” I wrote about the first nudge I received awhile ago. When one of these friends reached out to me this week by phone, I knew God was moving and prompting me again to get this study going. We’re meeting this coming week. I can’t wait to see what God does through it!

My adult daughter is turning the corner from loathing her mother to loving her.

I was praying it would happen soon, and I believe it is, in this cycle of our mother/daughter relationship. I remember turning that corner with my mom. It was then I began to see her through different eyes. She was a real person, whose underlying motive in life was to love her family, not to make my life miserable (as I once believed). That day when my daughter and I are best friends (as my mom and I were) is coming closer, and I can’t wait.

We’re to share with those who’ve impacted our lives what a difference they’ve made.

Seeing someone from my past recently rekindled all sorts of appreciation for him, and for many others, who’ve impacted my life. However, they probably don’t know what a difference they’ve made. It’ll bless them to let them know. God is prompting me to do just that. I wrote about this particular person this week here.

It brings great joy to pour into someone’s life, even if we may never meet him or her personally.

We were thanked this week for being World Vision child sponsors for ten years. (Ten years?? Where has the time gone??) The first child we sponsored just graduated from the program, so we’ve been assigned another. I look forward to pouring into this boy’s life the ways we did for the first one. It does my heart good to know we might be making a small difference in a young person’s life who we we will probably never meet.

pour into someone's life

What did you learn this week? A lesson? A skill? A profound truth? Something about you or someone else? Something about God?

I’d love to read about it.

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate you more than you know.






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  1. Sabra Penley

    I learned that when God is ready for you to do something, He will make it happen. My plans and timeline may be different, but when He’s ready, things just fall into place and what you need is right there, right then. Through a couple of problems in working on my blog this week and searching for solutions, I came across the exact how-to on some things I’ve been planning to get done “hopefully before the first of the year.” And what I thought would take at least a week to figure out took only one afternoon. Is God great, or what?!!!

    I like these weekly posts, Julie. Thanks for sharing what you are learning! You are an encouragement and blessing.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Such a great lesson, Sabra! Isn’t it amazing when you see God working like that?? I’m in awe each time, even if His timing is different than mine. He knows just what we need, when we need it. So glad God blessed you in that way this week. Yes, God is great!! Thank you for your continued presence here and for your encouragement. Hugs to you, friend!


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