Joy in "the Little Things" #2

by | Dec 13, 2008 | family, just for fun

Yesterday as the kids and I were driving home from school, and as we turned on our road, up ahead we could see our home. As our we were getting closer to our home, we could see the wonderful sight of smoke coming from our chimney pipe on our roof. That meant one of two things…either we were having a chimney fire, or Bill had built a fire in our fireplace. I was assuming it was the latter…and I was right. 🙂

It was a chilly day yesterday. The temperature didn’t get out of the 20s. After running errands and doing shopping all day, I was ready to get home and relax next to the fire. That smoke was a much welcomed sight. Walking into our home, and feeling the warmth of that melted any remaining chill that was left in my body. It felt so nice, and it was another way I experienced great joy in such a small thing!

We have a wood fireplace, which can really heat much of the house. It’s been a blessing to still have heat during the rare occasions that we lose power in the winter. In the past, Bill has gotten the fire going so well that it has been 80+ degrees in our living room, and we are sitting in shorts and t-shirts…in the middle of winter! I love our fireplace!

I can remember growing up…I probably would have been 8 years old or so. We had a wood-burning stove in our basement…one that I believe my great-uncle and my dad made. We would go out as a family and cut wood for the woodstove, haul the wood into our basement, then afterwards we would, as a family, stay down in the basement, standing near the warm woodstove, and drink hot chocolate and eat peanuts in the shell. Those memories are priceless to me! I loved the feel of a “wood” fire, and I still love it today.

Thanks for sharing in my joy!
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