Our First No School Snow Day!!

by | Dec 9, 2008 | family, winter

As the freezing rain continued to fall last evening, I figured school would at least be delayed today, if not cancelled. In checking my email box early this morning, school sent out a notice that classes were cancelled for today. Bill was out on the roads this morning, and he said it is extremely slick out. So, besides Ali’s orthodontist appointment later today (which I hope we can still get to), we’ll be inside today…a much looked-forward to day for us all.

All of us are still in or p.j.’s, except for Bill who worked last night and has gone to bed. Zach is playing the Wii, Ali is at the computer in my office, and I just got done making chocolate chip muffins and hope to stay motivated to change into my workout clothes shortly and get a workout in this morning. (I need to!)

I snapped a few pictures this morning of what it looks outside and inside our home. I caught the snowplow on our road (1st picture.) The 2nd picture is of the ice on the outside of our deck doors…you can almost make out the form of our swingset in our back yard looking through the ice. The 3rd picture is the view from our front door with our candy canes lining our front walk. The 4th and 5th pictures are of our tree (with no presents under it) and fireplace decorated.

I’m looking forward to an enjoyable day here at home!


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