A Wonderful Christmas

by | Dec 27, 2008 | Christmas, family

Merry Christmas! Yes, I know Christmas was two days ago, but today we celebrated Christmas with my husband’s extended family, we have a Christmas dinner tomorrow evening, and I have a Christmas party Monday evening. I’m not done celebrating Christmas yet! 🙂

And I’m glad I’m not! Our family had a wonderful Christmas! Every year my pastor says, and has said for years, that Christmas isn’t the merriest of times for everyone. I had a hard time understanding why it wasn’t the happiest for everyone! That was until I had to celebrate Christmas without my father living for the first time in 1999, and Christmas got even harded for me two years ago when I had to celebrate it without my mom living for the first time. I totally began to understand what my pastor was meaning. Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year for me, simply because I miss celebrating the traditions we used to celebrate with my mom and dad. And, I miss them so greatly at Christmastime! The only day that is tougher for me is my birthday. I’ll write about that in another post.

But this year, instead of focusing on how much I missed them, (and I certainly still do miss them) I focused on my family, my extended family, and celebrating the fact that because Jesus was born years ago, and because of what He did on the cross, both of my parents are in heaven with Him and I will be reunited with them again some day.

I had a peace this Christmas…that I’ve never felt before. I’m believing that only God could have covered me with such peace. I’m so very thankful! I’ll share about our celebrations in another post…otherwise this one could get quite lengthy!

May all of us have the “peace” of Christmas and share the “spirit” of Christmas all year long!
Merry Christmas!

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