I’m Thankful! My Gratitude Journal & My Mom

by | Nov 20, 2008 | thankfulness

A few years ago I began a gratitude journal. I would journal each night a few things I was grateful for that day. I have somehow gotten out of the habit of doing this! I located that journal today, and found that my first entry was on June 1, 2006. Here is what I wrote:

“Thank you Lord today for–
Alissa & Zach
Our home
Our health
Not giving up on me
Keeping Alissa & Zach safe during this school year
Helping Alissa & Zach have a great school year
Mom and her health
Our jobs
Being in control of all situations in our lives
Being a God of second chances
Summer break (starting tomorrow!)
Loving me
Your Word
Sheila King
Mrs. Zuber
Your grace”

Journaling each day helped me see and appreciate the wonderful things God had done for me or provided me with. I see that I eventually narrowed my list down to 10 things each day. I have been blessed today to re-read some of these journal entries.

Some of these entries though, have been difficult for me to read. I wrote many of these before and during my mom’s cardiac arrest (June 26, 2006) and her recovery. I only wish I would have shared some of these with her before she passed away in December 2006. On September 12th that year, I see I wrote that I thanked God for giving me time to spend with mom that day and for being able to make her feel special by curling her hair.

This reminds me of my morning routine back then. What wonderful memories I have…Each morning after taking the kids to school I would drive to the assisted living facility mom was staying at as she was recovering from and getting her strength back after her cardiac arrest. It was only a few minutes from school. How I would look forward to seeing her each morning! I never knew what to expect upon my arrival. Some days would be really good days for her, and some days would be a struggle for her. Either way, it just felt good to be with her and love on her. Many days, after one of the nurses helped her with her morning shower, I would have the privilege of drying her hair and then curling it for her, just the way she liked. We would have some of the most special conversations during that time! Oh, how I miss that! I remember she would say over and over, “Julie, it feels so good” as she would touch her hair and feel the curls I had just created for her with her curling iron. It bring tears to my eyes thinking back to those days and to those special times Mom and I shared….

So, today…one thing I’m very thankful for is my mom and the wonderful memories of her I have tucked in my heart and mind. She was an amazing woman…I could only pray that God would grow me up to be half the woman she was. I miss her greatly these days, and have shed many tears from missing her lately. I guess that’s a good thing…to love someone so much that you grealy miss her and miss all the wonderful times we spent together. I’m also very thankful I know she’s with her Lord today, and I can’t wait until the day we are reunited again.


God has blessed me with so many gifts. Today I am so thankful to Him for the family he has given me…my husband and my children.

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