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by | Sep 12, 2011 | Personal memories

I remember exactly where I was ten years ago this morning when the first tower of the World Trade Center was hit by an airplane…

I was at my children’s elementary school. Ali was 7 years old and in 2nd grade. Zach was 4.  Zach and I just had walked Ali to her classroom, and we stopped at the school office to tell the secretary something.  Jan, the secretary said, “Something just hit the World Trade Center.”  And she showed me live video of what was going on in New York.  I remember the unsettling feeling I had still to this day, seeing those images of that tower.

Listening to the radio as we drove away, I learned the second tower had been hit.  I drove to our church and spent most of the day there, seeking God, and trying to understand what in the world was going on.  As the events folded throughout the day, it wad hard not to panic.  I just wanted to huddle my family together…and do what we could to keep safe.

Ten years later, I have relived that day in my mind today.  I look at our children now and see what amazing young people God has grown them up to be.  I look at my husband and I’m thankful.  So much has happened in ten years…but all of my family is still here with me, except my mom who went to her eternal home five years ago this December.  I can’t imagine losing loved ones, friends, co-workers in the 9/11 attacks.  My heart goes out still to those who did lose special people in their lives, and to the heroes who made a difference that day and days afterward.  I pray for them today.

As Ali and I were driving today, I heard this song on the radio from Alan Jackson.  I found this tribute on YouTube.  Where Were You…that September day?

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