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by | Sep 15, 2011 | Faith

For the last 15 years I’ve been involved in an international Bible study called Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  I began when I was pregnant with Zach, and both Ali and Zach were raised in BSF.  I’m so thankful for those precious years of Bible teaching for both of them.  Most studies each year last 36 weeks, beginning in September and ending in May.  I attend the Wednesday morning class in our area.  (There’s also a Tuesday night women’s study and a Monday night men’s study.)  This year’s study began today, and we are studying the book of Acts (and other books of the Bible with it).

It’s a pretty amazing Bible study…very structured and deep.  I learn so much each year!  I was reminded of that just today as I was leading the Bible study at Mission of Hope.  I was able to recall something very important that I learned through my training and teaching at BSF a couple of years ago that applied to what we were discussing today.  I love how each week’s study is broken out into days…it helps me stay disciplined to get into God’s Word each day.  It’s wonderful! 

This year I changed roles in BSF Leadership.  I moved to the Administrative Team, instead of being a Group Leader.  I’m looking forward to learning this new role, and supporting our class through it!

But most of all, I’m looking forward to what God is going to teach me through His Word this year!  This will be my third time studying this book though BSF, but I know God will grow me through it, as if it was the first time I studied it…He always does.  I’ll try to share one thing each week that I’m learning as I go this year.

I encourage you to join me!  Go to to see if there’s a class in your area.  It’s a worldwide study, so there’s a good possibility a class is going on near you!  Wouldn’t it be fun to study God’s Word together this year?!!

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