I Feel Like Doing Nothing!

by | Jun 19, 2010 | family, God, just for fun

From last night’s party here…there are crumbs on the floor, grass and mud tracked into the entry way, crockpots that need to be washed out and put away, there are chip bags downstairs, m&ms on the floor downstairs, the garbage needs to be taken out, mud tracked in on the carpet downstairs, and who knows what else!  It was after 12:30 a.m. when I crawled into bed last night (or I should say this morning).  I tried to sleep in, but I couldn’t…I woke up at 6:14.  Ugh!

It sounds like Ali had lots of fun at her party last night.  Many friends.  Lots of laughs.  And hopefully lots of memories made for her.  It was too bad the rain spoiled the volleyball and bonfire outside though.  A huge storm rolled through just as the party was beginning.  I was pretty amazed at Ali’s attitude through the night though…if she was disappointed about not doing the outside stuff, she didn’t show it.

So I guess the mess in our home and my tiredness is all worth it.  Thankfully, Ali has agreed to clean up the downstairs mess they made.  Bill worked last night and will be needing to get some rest today.  Zach needs to finish his chores for the week and will more than likely fit in some video game time.  And me?  I HAVE NOTHING ON MY SCHEDULE TODAY!  NOTHING!  And I feel like doing NOTHING!  I feel like being a lazy bum of a person.  I have laundry caught up for the most part.  My “normal” Saturday things I do are already done.  I could straighten up my office, but I’m not thrilled about that thought at the moment.  I could make ahead some meals for the week, but I’m not thrilled about that either. 🙂  I might just take the day completely off!  (Don’t know if I can do that…I always seem to need to do something to keep myself busy.)  I guess we’ll see as the day progresses.

Hmmm…I just read my Beth Moore Believing God Daily Devotional for today in the middle of writing this, and this is what she says…
“Beloved, God is not tired.  Nor is God tired of you.  He delights in your attentions even when you practice them much like you did yesterday.  He waits for you to awaken each morning, and He anticipates His time with you.” 

After reading that this morning, I guess I’ll focus my day on spending time with Him…after all, He’s anticipating time with me.  🙂  That blesses my socks off!

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