I Enjoy Mondays!

by | Sep 27, 2010 | family, just for fun, schedule

It’s Monday.  Many people dislike Mondays, but not me.  I enjoy them…

Today’s scripture verse on my daily calendar that sits on my desk reads…”Sing for joy to God our strength…”  Psalm 81:1
I’m not sure I can sing this morning, but I am encouraged by that scripture!
Monday is my day off from Mission of Hope, due to the fact that the Mission is closed on Mondays.  I have my BSF Leaders’ Meeting on Monday mornings which I love.  Today I get to have lunch afterwards with my best friend, Tina.  The rest of the day I will be spending time with my family and finishing a couple things to be prepared for the week ahead.  I enjoy Mondays!
But today I woke up feeling more tired than I have in a very long time…I think the last couple of weeks have caught up with me.  I went to bed early, because I couldn’t keep my eyes open watching the Dolphins/Jets football game last night, and purposely slept in an hour later this morning.  However, it doesn’t feel like any of that helped.
Despite of my tiredness, I look forward to my day today, and am thankful for a wonderful weekend we had together as a family!

Time to get a move-on…and get ready for this day ahead.  Everyday is a gift, and I choose to treat this day as one!

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