49. How To Remain Encouraged In The Waiting

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Podcast

Are you finding yourself in a season of waiting? Have you been praying for something, yet God seems silent? Do you desire for a certain situation or circumstance to change, yet nothing appears to be changing? I think we all know how it feels to wait, right? So, how do we remain encouraged in the waiting, especially in the seasons that last longer than we expect? Hang out with me here for the next short while and we’ll find some help and hope as we dig into this subject a little deeper today.

How to Remain Encouraged in the Waiting | woman sitting in waiting room waiting

For over five years I’ve been waiting. Waiting for God to answer my prayer regarding a certain situation. Someone in my life needs His healing touch, and in this particular circumstance, God seems silent. It feels to me as if God could care less about this situation and what’s going on with it. Because nothing has changed since I began to lift this concern in prayer to our God so long ago. At least nothing has changed that I can see. My prayers seem to mean–and do–nothing. As if they are falling on deaf ears.

Do you know the feeling?

Maybe you’re experiencing something similar. You know how it feels when God seems silent. You understand the wonderings if God still cares. And you get how frustrating and heart-wrenching it is when you question if your prayers are making any difference at all.

But you and I know better when it comes to God. Right? You and I know God is perfectly sovereign, meaning He has the power, wisdom, and authority to do anything He chooses with His creation. You and I know God cares about what we care about. We understand the value of prayer and the truth of how God hears each one we offer to Him. We know we can trust God with everything. Yes?

Yet, in the waiting, we wonder.

God, do You hear me?
God, do You see me?
Do you still care, God?
God, where are You?
Why, God, are You taking so long?
Why, God, do I have to wait?
How much longer, God?

So, how do we remain encouraged in the waiting?

Because remaining encouraged matters. In this episode I share three ways we can remain encouraged in the waiting.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 14-minute episode.

Waiting time is not wasted time when God is involved. In our seasons of waiting, may you and I keep our encouraged as we fix our eyes on God. Come back and listen to this episode whenever you need a reminder. Thank you for being here, friend. God bless you.

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