75. How To Look Back To Move Forward

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Podcast

Today we are choosing to pause one more time before heading any further into 2023, to consciously and intentionally ask ourselves some questions about last year. Because truly, sometimes we look back to move forward. This is something I believe is vitally important in our growth and where we head from here, that I’m devoting an entire episode to this subject. Whether you’ve done some reflecting on 2022 already or not, this episode will help you live abundantly in these remaining 355 days of 2023.

How to Look Back to Move Forward | woman hiking, turned to look behind her

I’ll say it one more time.

Happy New Year!

That may seem like old news, right? Because to me it feels as if 2023 began a few weeks ago, but in reality, it’s only been 10 days.

Before we get too far into 2023, I think it’s wise to pause today and ask ourselves a few reflecting questions about last year. You may have already done a similar exercise, but no matter, I invite you to join me in pausing for just a few moments today, and asking yourself a handful of pointed questions regarding your life in 2022. Because when we ask these questions, and answer them with complete honesty, this can impact how we live and function in 2023.

But you and I have each learned some important lessons from the last 365 days. You and I have lived in moments we will never live again. Some of these moments have shaped us, have changed us, have impacted our lives in monumental ways. You and I did some amazing things last year, and they are worth remembering.

Asking ourselves these questions is vital and healthy and impacting, not only for today, but for how we live the rest of this year. And doing so now, even after the year has begun, adds an extra dimension to the direction where you and I are headed.

It’s important to look back to move forward.

And that’s what we’re pausing to do today.

Click on the player above to listen to the 17-minute episode.

I offer eight questions to pause with and ponder, and it only takes about 15 minutes to answer them. These aren’t only for the ending/beginning of a new year. We can use them each month, each week, each day to help guide. us. Again, it’s important to look back to move forward.

And as a bonus, I answer these eight questions from my personal perspective on the episode this week!

As you reflect and remember, I pray God reminds you of His love and His presence in your life. May looking back to move forward become a habit we each do on a regular basis! Thank you for being here today. Have a great week and God bless you!

Episode 74, Happy 2023! How Are You Beginning This New Year?
Isaiah 46:9 NLT
Psalm 77:11 MSG
Psalm 143:5 GNT
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How to Look Back to Move Forward, Episode 75, Encouragement for Real Life Podcast
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