55. How To Be More Like The Sunflower

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Podcast

Everywhere I go lately, I can’t help but notice sunflowers. You, too? Maybe that’s because it’s that time of year, or maybe it’s because I’m pretty fond of these amazing flowers. Either way, I certainly don’t mind. Sunflowers are beautiful creations of God, aren’t they? As I gazed at one the other day and marveled at its beauty, I was reminded just how special and unique these plants are. Then I couldn’t help but ponder a few spiritual applications based off of these beautiful flowers. We can learn a lot from God’s creation, can’t we? Even something like the sunflower?

Now please know, I fully realize we are to worship the Creator and not His creation, and in this episode, we remember that. But hang with me here for this short while, and we’ll ponder, together, what we can learn from the sunflower and how we can apply that to our lives today.

How to Be More Like the Sunflower | field of sunflowers with faded sun

‘Tis the season for sunflowers. They are one of my favorite flowers. With their strong, tall stalks, their heads full of seeds, and their beautiful bright yellow, sunshiny crowns, they are glorious plants, aren’t they? Sadly, time got away from me this spring, and I did not plant any sunflowers in our garden this year. Lesson learned, because I’m missing them in our backyard right now.

They are quite easy to grow, however, and I continue to be amazed how such a tall and strong plant comes from a strange shaped, brown seed. A seed many of us eat, by the way!

It’s no wonder many of us like the sunflower!

As I typically do with much of God’s creation, I found some spiritual applications from these beautiful flowers, perfect for a podcast episode! Because God didn’t just create beautiful things for us to enjoy. He also created them to point to Him.

I share a couple Bible verses in this episode that point us to this truth. We look what exactly is a sunflower, how it got its name, and some interesting facts about sunflowers.

We can learn a lot from sunflowers!

I also share five ways we could be more like the sunflower, and why we would want to be.

Click on the player above to listen to the 16-minute episode.

In closing, I pray you see lots of sunflowers in the days to come. And I pray God uses them to remind you of any takeaways from this episode. Thank you for joining me here today and for being a bright spot in my world… just like a sunflower. Have a great week ahead. God bless you!

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