Happy Birthday Grandma Edna!

by | Jun 4, 2009 | family

My grandmother, Edna, turned 90 on Saturday! She now lives in Missouri in a skilled care facility near my aunt, Wendy (her daughter) and uncle, Dirk. Ali, Zach and I went there over spring break to visit her, and we had such an enjoyable time! I hope we can make the trip again sometime this summer!

I don’t know why, but we’ve always called her by her name Edna, and not Grandma. That’s one of those things I wish I could ask Mom! Edna was so close to my mom, and when Mom passed away, I know Edna sure missed her and still does! The letters we receive from her always mention Mom and how she misses talking to her everyday. I cherish Edna’s letters. I try to write one to her within a few days of getting one from her. I hope the letters bring as much joy to her as they do to me!

Wendy took the above picture at Edna’s birthday party on Saturday! I wish we could have been there to celebrate with her! She’s sure a special lady! I hope I have as much “spunk” as she does at 90! I think she should celebrate all year long! šŸ™‚
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