Momma and Her Babies

by | Jun 4, 2009 | This Lefe Family

On May 8, our cat who lives outside, “Momma” had seven babies. Zach has asked me to do a post about them for a couple of weeks now…so Zach, here it is! 🙂

Momma is the sole survivor of all of our cats…we used to have about thirteen around our home (outside) at one point, until two stray black labs took care of the rest of them last September. That was such a sad weekend for us!! Somehow Momma dodged them and is still here today!

Momma is a part of our family! 🙂 She looks mean in this picture, but she’s far from that! She loves attention and purrs as soon as she sees us outside! Each morning, you’ll find her sitting at our back deck door exactly like this…with her paws resting on the window frame. She brings a smile to my face each morning!

Her seven babies are so cute! This picture is about a week and a half old…I need to take a new one soon! Zach feeds Momma each day, and pays the most attention to her and her babies. He certainly has a heart for animals, especially cats.

As they grow, we’ll keep you posted! It’ll be so fun to watch these little babies grow up! 🙂
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