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In thinking through my day yesterday before laying my head on the pillow last night, I realized I did not fully live my day to honor God. I had such a full day yesterday, with a combination of many things. I served God in a couple different capacities, worked my business, took a small amount of time for me, I spent time with extended family, and also did some school activities with the kids. It was a great day. But…my heart was not right 100% of the time during my day. I remember grumbling. At one point I thought, “Ok, I just need to get through this and on to my next thing…” Is that the way I should have been thinking? No–a better thought to honor God would have been, “This is going to be so great. I have another opportunity to honor God through this, and another this afternoon, and another this evening, etc.”

I fall short so much of the time. But if our goal and focus is to honor God, it changes how we view things. I look at the Israelites in the Bible. They grumbled to God after He provided manna for them to eat in the desert. He provided all they needed–a cloud to shade them from the hot sun during the day and a cloud of fire at night to light their way and keep them warm. And they still grumbled. Would we have been any different? He then gave them quail to eat with their manna. They still grumbled. So, He sentenced them to 40 years of wandering in the desert. 40 years! I certaintly don’t want any part of the desert, let alone 40 years of it!

Today, let’s turn our focus to God and honor Him through our day. Instead of grumbling, let’s look at the good things. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you today through your day and through your circumstances. Ask Him to show you when you begin to grumble–we may not even realize we are doing it! We certainly cannot honor God when we are grumbling! 🙂

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  1. Phatfamily

    I am enjoying reading your postings and getting a glimpes into you heart and day! What a blessing you are and will be to so many!



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