Giving Thanks #6

by | Nov 7, 2009 | friends, thankfulness

Tonight I’m thankful for my friend Jeanie. Today is her birthday. God brought her into my life in 1994, and has tied our lives together ever since. She introduced me to Mary Kay in 1994, she helped me begin my business, and had a huge part in my success in my business!

It was funny when we met…she was pregnant and so was I. When we would travel together in our business, people would look at both of us a little funny…two pregnant women, traveling together, who look a little alike. 🙂

It seems like God has taken us two through similar experiences at the exact time ever since. We serve in BSF together, and started doing so five or so years ago at the same time. We have grown through difficult circumstances at the same time. Our parents were sick in the hospital at the same time. Her dad and my mom passed away the same month, just days apart. We have both experienced what it’s like to have both of our parents pass away. We have gone through so much together…we’ve grieved together, celebrated together, worshipped God together, served God together, have experienced loss together and great joy together. We really have so much in common…we even are married to men named Bill! 🙂

We understand each other so well…it’s pretty amazing most of the time! We’ve been known to even finish each other’s sentences! She’s always there to encourage me, and she never judges me. She loves me for who I am, yet challenges me to be the best I can be, and to help me fulfill God’s will for my life!

She’s a strong Christian woman, who lives out her faith in Jesus. She’s a great mother, wife, sister, business woman and friend. God has gifted her in so many ways…communication, writing, teaching children, witnessing to others who Jesus is, and sharing her humble heart with others. She thrives on reading God’s Word and applying it to her life.

I consider it a privilege to be in her life, and to be her friend. My life wouldn’t be as sweet if she wasn’t in it. I thank God for Jeanie. She is such a blessing in my life! Happy Birthday, Jeanie!
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