Giving Thanks #5

by | Nov 6, 2009 | family, thankfulness

Today I’m thanking God for how He has provided us with our home. I’ve been in many homes, and some have struck a chord within me of envy and jealousy because they have been so nice and elaborate. Our home isn’t fancy, but I love it…and it’s home! When I walk in the door, a wonderful peacefullness overcomes me each time. There’s nothing like coming home! 🙂

I remember when Bill and I were deciding to purchase this home. We prayed that if we weren’t supposed to live here, that God would shut the door and not allow the process of buying this home to happen. God never shut that door…so here we are, still eight years later, enjoying our God-given home.

One reason it’s special to us is that Bill’s family built this home…his uncles, cousin, brother, dad and Bill. Lots of little details fill this home, that if it was built by someone else, they would be missing. 🙂

I love the layout of our house. I love our big bedroom. I love our basement…Bill finished our basement after we moved in…my office is my favorite room downstairs. He made it a wonderful place to work out of! 🙂

I also appreciate our view…we can see for miles and miles. My hometown’s street lights shine brightly to our north every morning and evening. When growing up there, never did I think I would be appreciating my little hometown’s street lights in years to come! Sometimes the view is breathtaking…I see the sunrise each morning to our east, and the sunset each evening to our west. I absolutely love our location!

Our yard (and I’m thankful it’s a big one) is literally surrounded by farmland, and this year the land was filled with soybeans, planted by Bill’s family. Our closest neighbors live about 1/4 of a mile away. It’s so peaceful here. The most common sounds we hear outside are trains in a distance, an airplane that might fly over us on the way to our local airport every now and then, and farm machinery going down our road.

I am thanking God today for His provision of our home. I know this is the place He has for us to live, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Below are pictures I took earlier this evening as Bill’s family were harvesting the soybean crop around our home…combines awe me! I am amazed by them, and I always have been! With around 3,000 acres that they farm, I believe our field was the last one they needed to finish, so I think they finished their harvest here tonight. What a blessing all farmers are to our country! I appreciate them and all the hard work they do, especially those farmers in our family!

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