Giving Thanks #3

by | Nov 4, 2009 | family, thankfulness

I am thankful for many things today, but what comes to the forefront of my mind today are my parents. I am so thankful to God for them!

Mom and Dad are in their eternal home in heaven…together. Dad passed away in 1999 and Mom passed away in 2006. Honestly, not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t ache in missing them. If only I could have just one more day with them…

I told them every chance I could that I loved them while they were still on this earth. There weren’t many days that I didn’t seem them or talk to them. They were one of the reasons we moved to where we live now…to be closer to them. We had the most wonderful parents/daughter relationship! I cherish each and every memory I was privileged to have with them!

They taught me so many things…to love and how to be loved, to give of myself, to not worry about what others think, and to do the right thing. They taught me to believe in myself, to give everything my best effort, to work hard, to study hard, to never give up. They taught me the importance of family and staying strong as a family, the importance of taking family vacations, and how to be a good mom and wife. They taught me how to care for them when they were ill…even though they never knew they taught me those skills. They taught me “you gotta be tough,” and to hang in there when things aren’t easy. They taught me forgiveness, compassion and kindness. They taught me to be independent, and to get out of the way when necessary. 🙂 They taught me how to “do without,” and that we didn’t need “things” to be happy. They led me to my belief in God, and instilled in me the importance of going to church.

They were the most amazing parents! I loved them, and still do so much! As I sit here at my desk in my office, pictures of them and our family cover the top of my credenza to my left. As I look at these pictures, I sure would love to see them one more time on this earth, but I’m thankful for the 30+ years I had with them, and I’m thankful they are rejoicing in heaven with Jesus. I can’t wait to see them again some day soon!

Father God, I thank you for my parents Bill and Margaret. Thank you for the privilege of learning from them, receiving love from them, and being raised by them. Their presence in my life was and is such a gift. I am forever grateful to you!
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