Giving Thanks #2

by | Nov 3, 2009 | This Lefe Family

“Every good and perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17

Today I am thanking God for my wonderful family. God gave me a loving and caring husband, and two amazing and beautiful children. I don’t know what I would do without them!

Bill keeps me going when I don’t think I can go another step, yet he helps me stay balanced when I need that too. He takes as much as he can off my plate when I’m overwhelmed with life, and he gives me space when I need it. He works hard to provide for our family, and makes time for what’s truly important. He makes time for me and surprises me with things I don’t expect. He NEVER complains about anything…and I mean NEVER! He loves me even when I’m not easy to love. My independent spirit must be hard to live with sometimes, but he never tells me so. He’s sensitive, caring, and compassionate, and he’s fun to hang out with! 🙂

Ali and Zach are two of the most amazing children…I’m privileged to be called their Mom! They are so special and unique in their own ways, and they make life fun and exciting. They are two of the sweetest and most polite kids one will ever meet. They love God and they know they are secure in their relationship with Jesus. They are talented and smart, and they help others in ways they can. They love me even when I mess up, and even when I’m short in patience. They are funny and humorous, yet sensitive and caring. I love them so much! They light up my life!

I thank God for my family every day, and today I’m thanking God publicly for them! May God bless Bill, Ali and Zach today in the abundant ways only He can!
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