Giving Thanks #25

by | Nov 26, 2009 | family, God, thankfulness

Tonight I am thankful for my brothers…Marty, Steve and Pat.

Growing up was fun…growing up with three brothers. No wonder I was a “Tom-boy.” 🙂 (I guess I still kind of am!) As an adult, I cannot imagine my life without them and the close relationships I share with each of them! They are truly a blessing to me!

Marty is my oldest brother (6 years older), and I’ve always considered him a gift from God to our family.

Steve is my second oldest brother (4 years older), and I’ve always considered him the one who makes me laugh and who tells me he loves me. We live less than a mile from him!

Pat is my youngest brother (2 years younger), and I’ve always considered him the one who also makes me laugh, and who I consider one of my best friends. I was honored to be his “best person” in his wedding!

We all live within 20 minutes of each other…I am so thankful for that. Our families get together often, and that is such a joy to me! I love our family time!

I love each of them so much, and our memories of us growing up together are so priceless to me! Not long ago I sat down and watched our home movies of some of our childhood…what a gift that is to me…what a gift THEY are to me! I am thankful for each of them. God could have chosen anyone to be my brothers, but He chose Marty, Steve and Pat to be. I am certainly blessed!

Thank you God for Marty, Steve and Pat! 🙂
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