Girlfriend Retreat

by | Feb 26, 2010 | friends, God

I’m looking forward to today.  I’m getting ready to hop into my car, drive 2-1/2 hours north to meet two other friends to have an overnight “girlfriend retreat.”  When Jeanie, Carolyn and I get together, we have so much fun!

We are going to a local tea room for lunch, we’ll do dinner somewhere and we’ll relax and catch up on life in our hotel room.  We all three work together in Mary Kay, so when we travel to events and conferences, we stay together.  My most fun times at these events are what we three do together!  It may seem strange to some that three adult women are going to spend time together overnight and sharing life, but to me, I know it’ll be exactly what I need, especially after the week our family has experienced.

I’m thanking God for this blessing today, and I’m ready to be filled back up again to hit the road tomorrow morning for a show choir competition 2-1/2 hours away, then Sunday for a volleyball tournament and hour away!  I’m blessed to have a full and abundant life.  Thank you God!

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