Genesis Week 8

by | Nov 6, 2012 | Faith

Our study in BSF in week 8 covered Genesis 6:1-8:19…the flood. It marked the end of an old world and the beginning of a new era.

I am encouraged by Noah’s faith, and His persistence to follow after God. Noah walked with God. I want to always be found walking with God!
There’s no record that it had rained at this point, yet Noah was faithful at following God’s orders to build an ark, despite any ridicule he may have received from others. It took him 120 years to build this ship.
The ark was monstrous, yet even though it housed all animals and Noah’s family, there was still room on the upper decks. I find that amazing!
Noah and his family were in that ark for an entire year. I can’t imagine being on a boat, or anywhere in one place for a year!
Our only hope in our world steeped in sin is the ark God provides for us now, Jesus Christ. Only in Him will we find safety as we travel from this world to eternity!
On to week 9…
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