Genesis Week 5

by | Oct 17, 2012 | Faith

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Last week we studied Genesis 3 and the fall of Adam, Eve and the human race.

Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the tree that God told them they couldn’t eat from. They focused on what they couldn’t have instead of all they did have. I find I do the same thing in my life at times.

The serpent (devil) brought doubt of God’s love and discontent with Eve’s circumstances. He also planted a seed of discontent in her heart against God and her circumstances. He suggested Eve could sin and get away with it. He ignited a craving in Eve to be wise and powerful like God.

How many times has the enemy worked the same way in our lives…planted doubt and discontent, falsely gave us permission to sin without consequences, ignited craving of something we shouldn’t have or to be powerful like God? Sin follows if we give into the temptation.

That act of disobedience cost them the power to choose good and sin entered the human race. No wonder our world seems so messed up at times!

How are we being tempted today? What is your and my response to that temptation? We can give in, or we can run from it and ask God to help us in it.

We also saw what were the consequences of their sin…

-Conscious guilt – they covered themselves, they hid from God, they became fearful, they blamed someone else for the sin.
-Condemnation & punishment – God judged the serpent, Eve, Adam & death. They were banned from Eden.

But there’s hope and a promise! God also promised a “seed” in 3:15 which would crush the serpent’s head, as Jesus did as He rose from the dead, and all who believe in Him will rise as well. Christ’s redemptive work is for all, and gives us hope of eternal life which we can begin to enjoy now!

On to week 6!

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