Genesis Week 1

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Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) began this past week for the study of Genesis this year. It’s a 32 week study, which will end in May. I began BSF when I was pregnant with Zach, so this is my 16th straight year of attending. Each study impacts my life, and it helps me stay accountable and immersed in God’s Word, which I feel is necessary to be a spirit-filled wife and mother, and an effective instrument God can use in ministry. I truly enjoy BSF!

My plan this year is to share each week some things I’m learning/have learned/have impacted me through my personal study. I’ve had good intentions to do this in past years, but just never made it a priority. I plan to this year!

If you’d like more information on Bible Study Fellowship, visit In an inter-denominational Bible study, and classes are held throughout the world…possibly in your area!

Week 1

God’s truth in His Word, the Bible is TRUE truth. Absolute, firm, fixed. It’s the ultimate reality. It’s for all people, in all times, in all cultures.

God’s Word is not politically correct. Today we are moving further and further away from God’s truth in His Word.

Genesis was written by Moses, possibly during the years in the wilderness.

Is study God’s Word an assignment to me? A duty? A burden? Or do I treat it as God’s invitation to me to get to know Him better? 

Studying God’s Word is an opportunity to tune out all the other voices in the world but His.

I will be changed in reading God’s Word daily!

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