Sarasota 2012

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For months my best friend Tina and I had been looking forward to our “girlfriend getaway” to Florida for an entire week. We booked our flight in May, and at the time, our trip in September seemed forever away. However, it seemed summer flew by us, and September was here before we knew it!
Tina and I had never retreated away like this in all our years of being best friends. We knew it would be good for us to go, but we really had no idea how much we needed it. Our friendship needed it, our families needed it, and our bodies and minds needed it! Tina’s mom, Barb (Ali & Zach call her Grandma Barb) lives in Sarasota. We couldn’t wait to see her and to spend the week with her.
We boarded the plane September 2…Sarasota bound.
 The sun setting from the airplane on our ride down.
It was wonderful to see Barb as we met her in the airport! We ate at Denny’s Sunday night on our way to her home. Monday we spent walking, shopping and catching up with each other. Tuesday we did a little more shopping at a local mall.
 Wednesday we went to Siesta Key Beach…the whitest sand I’ve ever seen! It was a gorgeous day!
 I love the ocean, the waves and the relaxation of the beach!
 Wednesday late afternoon and evening we went back to the Siesta Key area, shopped and ate!
 Tina and I at “The Hub!” There I had the best chicken taco salad I’ve ever had in my life!!
 Barb and I after dinner
 Enjoying our mini-donuts on a stick!
 We had so much fun together!
 Thursday we went to St. Armands. What a beautiful place! 
Tina & Barb before lunch at Coconuts!
 Waiting for lunch…we ate outside as much as we could!
 Beautiful sidewalks!
 Friday outside of Barb’s apartments
 Hibiscus plants/trees were everywhere!
 The drive on our way back to St. Armands. (I had left my debit card at the restaurant the night before. Thank God they still had it the next day!)
 Great sights!
 Saturday we walked to the grocery store, swam in Barb’s pool, and relaxed. 
Saturday evening we experienced the sunset off of Siesta Key Beach.

 The sunset and the waves crashing in were spectacular!
 Saturday was such a relaxing day…and we ended it beautifully!
 You probably know by now how much I love sunrises and sunsets…this was one of the best!
 After breakfast at Millie’s on Sunday…
I love this picture!
 A great way to finish our trip!

This wonderful week away was one I will cherish and remember forever. We slept in each morning, spent time on Barb’s lanai each morning reading God’s Word, doing our devotions together and praying. We shared our hearts with each other, laughed, cried from laughing so hard, and encouraged each other. We ate more than we should have, and Barb spoiled us greatly with her loving hospitality.

Tina and I hope to make it an annual trip! I seriously could pick up our family and move there…if only it was that simple. Who knows…maybe some day! It was an incredible place, and I loved the weather. I loved spending the week with my best friend and my “second mom.” The week refreshed me in every way. It was bittersweet to say goodbye. But Barb will be coming back here to visit soon. I can’t wait to see her again!

God blessed us in so many ways! (And to top it off, I found some red pants I’ve been looking for, and felt bold enough at the time to purchase them! I even wore them on our trip home!)

It was a blessed week. We arrived home September 9…it was good to be in the embraces of my family again.

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