It’s Friday! Okay, technically it’s Thursday as I write this week’s Five Minute Friday post. I love Five Minute Fridays… writing for five minutes on a one-word prompt. For a person like me who tends to over-analyze most things, free-writing is beautifully freeing. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. With no concern for perfection, I just get to write. A whole bunch of us share what we come up with at Kate Motaung’s place. Why not join us? Or share your five minutes in my comments section below. I’d love to read yours! Ready??

This week’s word:



“I’ve missed that!” my son exclaimed after he heard his mom yell.

Yes, it didn’t take me long to get in “football mode” and cheer at the play that I just witnessed on t.v.

It’s opening night for NFL football. Me cheering is a common sound during football season. Years ago you’d never find me watching football, and I’ve still not seen a high school football game to date. Ever.

But something happened when my son and I would watch football together on Sundays just a handful of years ago. We began to bond in a way I never expected. It’s been something we try to do each week together during football season. Him and I.

And let me tell you, I’m much louder than anyone else is in this house when it comes to watching football. There’s no whisper here. I can drown almost anyone out.

But then I get to wondering, how many times do I drown out God’s still small voice by me being too loud in life? How many times have I not heard His whisper?

How many times have I listened to the world and not the whisper?

So as we enjoy football here each week, I’ll be my normal, cheering-loud self. But when it comes to living daily, I’ll be paying more attention to not being so loud and listening for God’s whisper.

Whisper 1 Kings 19:12

May we never miss the whisper.


Thanks for stopping by today. I pray you hear God’s whisper clearer than ever today, tomorrow, in the weeks to come.




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