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A beautiful community of some great people. Plus it’s five minutes of free-writing for a Friday. #love it

We take a one-word prompt and let our minds get creative for five minutes. Kate Motaung hosts our posts, where we encourage and bless one another. If you don’t have a blog, why not participate in my comments below or on a piece of paper at home?? It’s great fun, and completely freeing!

This week’s word:




Plain and simple… I forget.

Too many times to count.

God answers a prayer.

Or He does something extraordinary in my life.

Or He provides for what we need, right when we need it.

Or His closeness is almost touchable.

Yet, give me a day or two, and I can forget it all. I can forget what God has done in my past. I can forget how much He loves me and cares for me. I can forget how intricately He created me, for His plans and His purposes.

Friend, this drives me crazy.

So, years ago I began writing things down. I want to stop forgetting these important moments and instances. It started with a journal. Some time later, those writings turned into a blog. A blog that was hidden from the majority of the public eye. Only a handful of people knew it existed.

That “hidden” blog was the beginnings of where you’re reading these words today. That discrete blog became much more than I ever dreamed of… all because I didn’t want to forget.

And because I wanted to pass on what I was learning, and to share those “God moments” with others, with my children, and with my future grandchildren.

Deuteronomy 4 9

You must be very careful not to forget the things you have seen God do for you. Keep reminding yourselves, and tell your children and grandchildren as well. Deuteronomy 4:9 CEV

What have you seen God do in your life recently? Or what moments has He revealed Himself to you in ways you hope you never forget? Friend, jot them down. Look for God daily in your journey. Look for His handiwork. Look for His blessings. Look for Him. He’s with you.

Share below one thing you don’t want to ever forget.

I pray we never forget, and I pray we share these precious times with those around us and with future generations.



Whew! I could have kept writing on this subject. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Your presence means the world to me!



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