Enjoying the Quiet

by | Aug 28, 2010 | family, God's blessings, me, schedule

It’s Friday night…I’m home alone…and I’m quite ok with that tonight.  It’s quiet in our home…I hear the fan of my laptop running every now and then, and the sound of me typing, and that’s it.  Ahhh….

It’s been a full week…school, school activities, sports practices, Mission of Hope work, Mary Kay work, cleaning our Mary Kay studio, keeping the house up, planning and making meals, exercising, personal appointments, and so on.  I’m a feeling just a little wiped out tonight…but still I’m choosing to be joyful! 🙂

Bill is working, Ali is at a football game and Zach is at a friend’s.  I made myself a healthy salad for dinner, enjoyed a piece pumpkin cake for dessert (not so healthy), and now I’m in my office, choosing not to work but to relax.  I wouldn’t want to have every night like this, but one night a week, I would certainly welcome!  I may even go to bed early…wouldn’t that be a change?! 🙂

As I look back on our week, I am thanking God…
I was able to work everything in my schedule,
made it to every appointment and activity on time,
helped as many people as I could,
made new friends at Mission of Hope
I won $100 in free jewelry from my friend Becky,
was able to work with her at Mission of Hope yesterday,
was able to exercise five days this week,
watched in amazement how Ali played Tuesday night at volleyball,
got reacquainted with a friend from high school last night at 8th Grade Parent Night,
witnessed some great news at Mission of Hope today,
had many laughs with Tom and Kimmie at the end of our day today,
and kept choosing to be joyful, despite how out of control this week seemed at times!

And tonight, I’m enjoying the quiet…and thanking God for such a blesssed week!

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