Down 61 Pounds

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Bill, health

I’ve been wanting to post this all weekend long, but with our schedule, I haven’t been able to do so.

On January 8 Bill committed to a “get healthy” type of challenge. One of our friends opened this challenge up to her facebook friends for a healthy start to the New Year. Bill decided this type of challenge could be just what he needed to get the ball rolling in becoming healthier for 2012.  He weighed in on January 8 at our friend’s home.

When Bill puts his mind to something, he is capable of anything. Since January 8 he has eaten healthy…balanced meals of protein, vegetables, carbs…with the right size of portions. He has worked out almost every day…walking on the treadmill, weights, walking outside. He has affected and inspired the rest of us here at home…especially me! Even with our schedules this spring, we have stuck to eating healthy instead of grabbing something to eat through a drive-thru somewhere. (I’ve caved in here and there, but Bill has stuck to his guns.)

He had his eye on March 31, the end of the challenge. He’d update me on how much weight he was losing when I would ask, but never offered it on his own. He’s not one to like to brag. He just kept focused. We celebrated when he hit the -50 lbs mark. I could tell he was feeling better and healthier each week.

I am so, so proud of Bill. He weighed in at our friend’s home Friday night before Ali’s concert at school. Are you ready for this???!!! He lost 61.4 pounds since January 8! He looks and feels great! The bonus is that he won the challenge! (And since all who participated chipped in money at the beginning, he won the biggest amount of the pot!)

Before this challenge was over, he entered another type of health challenge which ends around his birthday and near Father’s Day. What a gift he is giving himself! He’s a different man than he was back in January…has more stamina, more energy, an even more positive attitude (if that was possible), and I can see he believes in himself again.

As his wife, I couldn’t be more proud. Ali and Zach are proud of their dad too, and for the positive changes he is making and leading our family with. And his positive actions have affected me too, as I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to wear for a couple of years. It’s a good feeling.

Great job, Bill! I love you! I’m cheering you on!!

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