89. The Distraction of Social Media Says, “Check This Out”

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Podcast

For a while now we’ve been pondering and peering into different distractions we experience on any given day, and what God might have to say about them. In today’s episode we are looking at a big external distraction that I think many of us struggle with. This is the distraction of social media.

The Distraction of Social Media Says, "
Check This Out" | woman sitting with feet extended looking at social media on phone

I glanced at my clock, and I couldn’t believe it! Here I had wasted 20 minutes as I scrolled through my social media feeds. Now, 20 minutes may not sound like a lot of time, and you and I both know how quickly 20 minutes can pass us by, but knowing I had done that multiple times during the day, it all added up to be a lot of wasted time. Time I could have used for something much more valuable, much more productive.

Anytime something takes us from the moment we’re in and entices us to lose time in it, is a distraction.

And the distraction of social media is a multifaceted one. Because it doesn’t just distract us from the present, but it can negatively affect us long after we’ve immersed ourselves in it. It’s been linked to increased loneliness, depression, anxiety, and other mental stresses. It’s also been noted some people feel less happy about their lives the more they spend time in social media.

But there are some good things about social media, too, right? Like being able to connect with others online and stay in touch with family. It’s a great way to learn new skills and life hacks without leaving your home. And when it’s used for good, it can have positive psychological benefits.

And honestly, I like social media for the most part. I just don’t like it when I let it become a distraction in my life. I don’t like it when I allow it to pull me away from what’s truly important and what’s happening right in front of me. And sometimes that happens without me noticing right away. So, I always have to work at keeping it in check.

Does the distraction of social media affect you?

Social media does not have to run us. We can have control over what we do with it and how much time we’re on it. And if we find it’s becoming a bigger distraction in our lives, we can do some things to change that.

We look at some ideas, what God might have to say about this, and we find hope in social media in the days to come.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 13-minute episode.

To recap, with some dedicated effort, we can overcome this distraction of social media in our lives. With taking specific steps and partnering with God, we can enjoy social media without it becoming a distraction. Friend, I’m cheering you on and am praying for you today. God bless you!

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