71. The Distraction of Hurry Says, “You Are Behind”

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Podcast

Hurry. Are you ever in one? Do you move fast, talk fast, listen fast, drive fast? Do you think fast, sleep fast, eat fast, scroll on your phone fast? Or do you feel like you’re constantly behind, and the only way you can catch up is if you hurry? The distraction of hurry is a sneaky one. We may not even realize we are living with it!

I realized not so long ago that fast is my normal pace. Hurry is my tempo. I wasn’t fully aware of how much until one day when when I chose to intentionally slow down. I decided to work at a slower pace and to not be in a hurry about anything I did. Interestingly, I did really well in the morning. Until about 2 p.m., when I felt the familiar tug of hurry. My pace picked up, my thoughts began to swirl, and I slid right back into my habit of hurry.

The distraction of hurry had me in its grip.

The Distraction of Hurry Says, "You Are Behind" | woman in mall with bags in hand walking fast

Here’s a little exercise to try to see if you’re caught up in hurry, too. For the remainder of today after listening to this episode, refuse to hurry. Intentionally slow down. Your pace, your thinking, your work, you’re driving. See how you feel. See what rises within you. Be aware of your thoughts. You’ll know if the distraction of hurry is tugging on you. You’ll become aware if hurry is your typical pace. And in becoming aware is the first step to making a change.

We are in such a hurry!

But maybe it’s not our fault. We live in a world that’s in a hurry. We’re told we need to be more efficient, more active, more on the go. Because we’ll be happier when we do three things at once. We’ll find more joy when we’re getting to where we’re going faster. And we’ll experience more peace when we’re climbing the ladder of success faster than anyone else.

Because if we don’t, we feel we are falling father and farther behind.

That’s what we experience when we hurry.

The distraction of hurry says, “You are behind.” God says, “Hurry is not my way.”

We take a look at what Proverbs have to say about hurry and we look to Jesus as our example in this episode. I also share something called “hurry sickness” and one tool that continues to help me greatly in my own struggle against the distraction of hurry.

Click on player above to listen to the 14-minute episode.

God has good things in store for us in this season, friend, and we don’t want to miss anything He has for us because we hurried through it. Hurry is not God’s best for us, so let’s slow our go today and in the days to come. I’m with you in this, and I’m cheering you on. God bless you!

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